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Thanks for considering submitting your baby, child, or teen to THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group– the top Nashville talent agency division for children.

Step 1:  Please read our recent blog post: 5 Tips for Parents when considering joining a kid’s agency.

Step 2: If after reading and you believe that THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group would be a great place for representation for your baby, child, or teen– email with at least 2 industry-standard, professional photos and be sure to include current contact information. (parent/guardian name, phone number, and tell us about your child) You do not need to call us to inquire that we received your submission immediately, as we probably haven’t had the opportunity to review, yet. Please note that we attempt to respond to every submission within two-weeks, however, we are not perfect.  If, after two-weeks, you have not received a response from us, you can can either email us again (preferred) or call us.  Unfortunately, we are not able to list all that submit to us.


Frequently Asked Questions:

⦿ Do you work with children under 5 years of age?
Yes. We do require talent of all ages to have industry-standard professional photos.

⦿ Can I still submit if I don’t have a current professional picture?
Yes, please still submit, however, remember that as a professional talent agency, we require our clients to have professional pictures, as this is our only tool in submitting clients to projects, at times.

⦿ I currently have another agent in the Nashville market. Is THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group exclusive?
BNA Talent Group is an exclusive agency in the Nashville market, however, our kids division is non-exclusive, beginner representation. We don’t suggest having multiple agents in the same, smaller market, however.  Before you begin the process of looking for other representation besides the agency you work with now, we recommend that you request a meeting with your current agency to discuss your goals and desires for your child and their ability or interest in continuing a working relationship with you.  We, as agents, recognize that talent have the right to be represented by anyone they choose. However, loyalty goes a long way in our industry with certain agents. If, after that suggested meeting, you are still looking for other representation, we would love for you to submit to us.  BNA Talent Group works on both union and non-union projects. All talent meetings, referrals and discussions are confidential. Finally, all talent agencies work in different niche areas and have different capacities.  We recognize that although we believe that we have nearly mastered an innovative approach and execution of talent representation, other agencies also excel in their specialized niche markets.  If we can’t accommodate your specific goals, we are known to offer recommendations for other agencies, even our own local competitors, with the belief that sharing information is key to good business.

If we haven’t answered your specific question, please feel free to email us to inquire–

Nashville Talent Agency BNA Talent Group OFFICE 615.457.1164 BOOKING 615.564.0031


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