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 “Where Being A Kid is just right!”

BNA Kids Nashville

Mission Statement:

BNA Kids Nashville is a refreshing talent and Nashville modeling agency that isn’t re-creating the talent representation wheel, but perfecting the way children are represented in Nashville for print, commercials and music videos. By aggressively promoting our talented kids through marketing campaigns aimed at the buyers in this market that hire child  models and actors, BNA Kids is the solid pro-talent kids talent agency that this market has been missing for years. Our niche is simple- amazing KIDS and equally amazing marketing. BNA Kids will become the sole source for kids in Nashville, through non-exclusive, pro-active representation and marketing.


To submit your kid, please email: malaika@BNAkids.com

Only kids with professional, industry‐standard pictures will be accepted.

Our Veteran Agent: Malaika Rhea

BNA Kids Nashville Malaika Rhea“I moved to Los Angeles California from Lexington Kentucky at the age of 12 with my mother, grandmother, and brother to break into the entertainment business. At 14, I signed with an agent who also represented Leonardo DiCaprio. We shared our first job, an Apple Jacks cereal commercial, when I was 17 and he was 13.

I went on to an exciting career in acting and modeling including several sitcoms like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Family Matters, commercials, and films. After 10 years working in the Los Angeles area and my final job in Vogue magazine, I decided to retire from the business.

I love the entertainment industry and wanted to stay involved at some level after my retirement from acting and modeling, so I became an agent in Nashville with another nationally recognized agency in Nashville. I helped both children and adults book jobs in commercials, film, and print al over the Southeast. I coached children in modeling and acting and encourage growth and development in their skills and talents. I also helped guide parents to become better managers.

I originally helped launch BNA Kids in 2010. I left for a little while when I had my own children, but I truly missed my role in helping other parents guide their children in the entertainment business. I have rejoined BNA Kids to help create opportunities for children in commercial, film, and print modeling. In addition to creating job opportunities, my main focus is in helping to educate families on the intricacies of the business because I want parents to feel that they can come to me for insight and assistance in guiding their children in a fun and exciting career.”


AGENCY 615.457.1164 malaika@bnakids.com


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