ABOUT Tennessee children’s talent agency

 “Where Being A Kid is just right!”

Mission Statement:

THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group is a refreshing talent and Nashville modeling agency that isn’t re-creating the talent representation wheel, but perfecting the way children are represented in Nashville for print, commercials and music videos. By aggressively promoting our talented kids through marketing campaigns aimed at the buyers in this market that hire child  models and actors, THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group is the solid pro-talent kids talent agency that this market has been missing for years. Our niche is simple- amazing KIDS and equally amazing marketing. THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group will become the sole source for kids in Nashville, through non-exclusive, pro-active representation and marketing. THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group’s staff does not wait for our phone to ring… we make the first call.

THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group modeling and talent agency is a division of Nashville talent agency BNA Talent Group. THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group: where being a kid is just right!

To submit your kid, please email: submit@BNAtalent.com

Only kids with professional, industry‐standard pictures will be accepted.

Our Green Initiative:

THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group believes in conservation. Not only as a business, but as citizens of our globe, THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group is reducing our carbon imprint by being the first completely electronic agency in Nashville. What does this mean? We are paperless. No need for printing headshots, compcards or zed cards. Not only will this help conserve, but it will also save time and money. THE KIDS at BNA Talent Group believes it is essential to start making changes in business and life to protect the environment. By not printing hardcopy materials or paper contracts, we are simply reducing our paper consumption. Go Green and Be a BNA Kid!


Recognition | Association:

  • BNA Talent Group also is a 2013 recipient of the American Advertising Federation of Nashville’s MOSAIC Award.BNA Talent Group is an accredited business with Middle Tennessee’s Better Business Bureau, and we are proud to be a 2013 Finalist for the esteemed Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethical Commerce.
  • In 2013, we were also honored to present the inaugural BNA Talent Group Nashville INSPIRATIONAL Person of the Year Award to Vic Sorrell.
  • Additionally, BNA Talent Group is a member of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, the Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce, American Advertising Federation, NLGJA, NGLBTCC, owner is a member of HRC’s Federal Club, Committee member for the Positive Justice Project, former board member of BPAN, vocal fundraising advocates for Nashville CARES, a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, proudly a non-union talent agency in a right-to-work state.
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