4 Tips for the First Time on Set

 4 Tips for Parents for that first time on a professional set experience.  


The first time that a parent or child sets foot on set can be pretty overwhelming. There are people everywhere, running around, carrying equipment, and moving in all directions. We want to make sure that your experience is as pleasant as possible, so we have created a few tips for all of you first timers!

Tip #1: Before going to set, make sure that you have read all emails that were sent to you from the production company prior to filming. It is important to print out any maps and or papers that you need to sign beforehand. Being prepared is one way to make you and your child’s day a lot less stressful.

Tip #2: Once you arrive on set, the production company usually either has signs posted, or someone directing the actors on where to go. Be sure to stay out of the crew’s way as much as possible, since they are often in a time crunch trying to get equipment set up.

Tip #3: We know that being on set can be exciting, especially when there is a famous actor or actress right in front of you. Just remember that like you, these individuals are there to do their job. It is never professional to go up and ask them for a picture or an autograph while they are hard at work.

Tip #4: The most important tip, is to have fun and relax! Although working on set normally involves a lot of sitting and waiting, it is the perfect time to network with your fellow actors. This is an experience of a lifetime, so be sure to make the best of it!

 Written by Austyn Jablonski, of BNA Talent Group.

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